Our Parents


There are no Rostering days at West Edmonton Playschool but we do welcome parent involvement in the classroom. Even though we are non-rostering we still require a group of parent volunteers to run the playschool for various parent committees and Executive board. We are also required to participate in Fundraising (like our bi-annual Casino). Fill out the volunteer section of your registration form to get involved. Parents are invited to class parties, carnivals, graduation, parent/ teacher interviews throughout the year.

See the WEPS Volunteer Duties document to get an idea of what types of volunteer duties are necessary to run the school.



“We absolutely love everything about West Edmonton Playschool. The teacher genuinely cares for the kids and in turn my daughter loves her teacher. If you ask my 4 year old what her favourite thing to do at school is first she will say playing, then she will say writing in her journal. It amazes me the progress she has made in such a short time. She is constantly surprising us with the variety of knowledge she is learning, from number and letter recognition, to spanish, yoga moves, geography, and so much more. When we enrolled her in school our goal was for her to socialize and learn to play with her peers, we could never have imagined the head start she was about to receive. ”


“My son is in his second year at this playschool.  I love that they offer a variety of programming like Spanish and Yoga which is really appealing.  There are no roster days for parents as there are two wonderful teachers who run the classes. My son loves his friends, his teachers, and his playschool.. What more could I ask for?”


“My daughter is finishing her second year and honestly, as soon as I met Mrs. Cyre in 2013, I knew that she was the one I wanted shaping my little girls early years. She’s been home with me and never in a Daycare, so it was important to me that she begin socializing and learning in the right environment. They do so many fun things and learn without even knowing they are! We were walking through Chapters during her first year and she pointed to Canada on a Globe and said “Hey Mom, Did you know that’s Canada?” I was floored and I knew she didn’t learn that from me. Things like that happen all the time and I love this school. Heading into Kindergarten in September, I know she’s prepared for what comes next due to the amazing learning she’s done at WEPS. My son is so excited to follow in sisters foot steps as a Bumblebee!”