Our Program

West Edmonton Playschool focuses on Learn-Through-Play Preschool Programming.

Please review our WEPS Reg Brochure to get a sense of what our school is about! 

Program Activities at our Playschool Include:

Free Play: Students learn important social, language, and creativity skills.

Circle Time: Students are introduced to numbers, alphabet, calendar, songs, all while  teaching important social behaviour (such as taking turns) and manners.

Craft time:  Students are able to develop their creativity, concentration, and fine motor skills.

Gym time & Outdoor Exploration: Students explore the outside playground or the indoor gymnasium, developing gross motor skills.

 Kindercook: Students learn to follow directions, measure, mix ingredients, and work cooperatively while making something good to eat.

Field Trips and Class Parties: It is our pleasure to invite special guests to our school (i.e. Magicians, Bread Lady, etc) as well as schedule visits to exciting Edmonton venues (Safety City, Prairie Gardens, etc).  We also hold class parties at various points of the year and parents/grandparents/siblings are welcome to attend.

Four Year Old Program Only: 

Journals: Learning through demonstration and repetition: colors, following basic instructions, and penmanship of the alphabet.

Science: Conducting experiments and learning basic science ideas.

Spanish:  An introduction including counting to 10, primary colours, songs, and more.

Yoga:  Twice Monthly.  Improves focus and the powers of concentration while developing a sense of calm. Yoga also improves memory and develops concentration skills.


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