Contact Us


West Edmonton Playschool

is located in Lynnwood Community League Hall

15525 84th Ave

Phone: 780-918-1115

Executive Email:

Registrar Email:

Our Executive Team:

  • President: Natalia Jimenez
  • Vice President: Nicole Vanthuyne
  • Treasurer: Pam Mount
  • Secretary: Emily Coggles
  • Registrar: Caitlin Angus
  • Purchaser: Christine Stephenson

Staff at West Edmonton Playschool:

  • Maria Cyre, Playschool Teacher
  • Vanessa Novoa, Teacher Assistant

Class Coordinators at West Edmonton Playschool:

  • Bumblebees (3 Year Old Morning Class): Kate Somerville
  • Caterpillars (4 Year Old Morning Class:  Leah Broatch
  • Fireflies (4 Year Old Afternoon Class):  Dana Abella

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